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Q –  So many companies claim to be the manufacturer
        of the murphy bed mechanism’s, who is really the
        manufacturer ?

A -    We take great pride in our murphy bed U.S.A. 
         manufacturing facility located in West Park,  Florida.
         Made in the U.S.A.    
         Many other companies claim to be manufacturers
         when in fact they are made by others even in China.

Q -    I read on the internet that the spring mechanism is
         not a good mechanism to use, is that true ?

A –    Absolutely not. In fact, even if you do not purchase
          our mechanism, we strongly recommend that you do
          purchase a counter balanced spring  mechanism rather
          than a piston type. We have found that the piston types
          are under a great pressure and can be quite dangerous
          if accidentally released out of its contained area and
          could cause severe bodily harm.
          Another important fact  to take into consideration is
          once a piston malfunctions,  your bed will also cease
          to function. With our spring counter balanced mechanism
          a change of mattress weight, or a broken spring (which is
          rare) can be easily and inexpensively replaced.

Q –   What is the warranty on your mechanism?

A -    Our murphy bed U.S.A. mechanism, voted #1 in quality,
         strength and reliability comes with a lifetime
         warranty against any manufacturer defects in
         material and workmanship.

Q -    Why would I choose a murphy bed over a sofa bed or
         a trundle bed or daybed ?

A -    Murphy bed U.S.A. Beds are “Real Beds”
         there are  no bars, uncomfortable springs or thin
         foam or folding mattresses to contend with.
         You will literally be able to pull down your murphy
         bed, ready with a mattress up to 12” deep, already made
         up with sheets and pillows and jump under the covers
         and enjoy a great  nights restful sleep.

Q -    Do you have showrooms where I can see your beds?

A -    Yes, since our manufacturing is cone in South Florida,
         We have two showrooms
                             Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale.

                               Click on Contact for directions.

Q -    How can I place an order ?

A -    You can call our toll free telephone number
          Or use our online for under the contact link

Q -    I had recently seen a local advertisement for someone
         selling murphy beds out of their homes at cheap prices
         and online ads for inexpensive beds, what about these
         offers ?

A -     Be a cautious shopper !  Be an educated shopper and do
          your homework before making purchases based solely
          on price.
          In today's world you get what you pay for and if it seems
          too good to be true, it probably is. To deal with unlicensed

          businesses and dealers who may take your deposit and

          disappear is all too common these days. Deal with

          reputable businesses whose reputation precedes them.
          As far as buying on line, again be a cautious shopper.
          Once the bed is sent to your home in assorted boxes and
          pieces, someone has to assemble and install it.
          and in case of a problem who will you turn to for help
          and where might they be ?  We like to offer the following

          consumer protection websites:

                         Better Business Bureau
                         Florida Attorney General
                         Florida Division of Consumer Services
                         Palm Beach County Consumer Affairs
                         Broward County Consumer Affairs

Q -    How long have you been in business?

A –    Muphy Bed U.S.A., Inc has had manufacture and

            retail locations in South Florida for over twenty years.

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